The Canadian Evaluation Society Ontario Chapter (CES Ontario) is one of the largest Provincial chapters of the Canadian Evaluation Society, the professional association of evaluators.  CES Ontario represents 400+ evaluators in the province of Ontario, outside of the Ottawa area who are represented by the National Capital Chapter.

Evaluation is the systematic assessment of the design, implementation or results of an initiative for the purposes of learning or decision-making. Click here for more information on program evaluation.

CES Ontario is guided by our vision, mission and values.


The recognition of evaluation as a valued and respected profession necessary for the well-being of all Canadians.


CES Ontario supports evaluation and its practitioners in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in Ontario through professional development, standards, member support, education and the promotion of evaluation.

This vision and mission were accepted by members at the 2012 Annual General Meeting.

What We Do

CES Ontario provides value to our members by:

  1. Creating a community of practice and facilitating networking within the evaluation profession.
  2. Promoting awareness of evaluation and of the value that evaluation can add to government and business.
  3. Advocating the use of evaluation through direct contact with political and business decision makers.
  4. Disseminating knowledge about quality evaluation through training and professional development opportunities.
  5. Supporting research in evaluation.
  6. Supporting students and new practitioners (recent graduates, up to two years post-training).