January 2019 Essential Skills Series @ Oakham House, Ryerson University
Jan 28 @ 8:30 am – Jan 31 @ 4:30 pm

This 4-day course was developed by the Canadian Evaluation Society to provide participants with a basic understanding of the main models and practices associated with the profession of evaluation. Prior knowledge of evaluation and of social science research methods is not required. There are no examinations associated with the course, nor is there any homework. Participation in all 15 course modules entitles you to a Certificate of Completion from the Canadian Evaluation Society.

Participants will gain basic levels of knowledge, skill and appreciation with respect to the essential elements of evaluation, equipping them to enter and participate in the evaluation field and develop as evaluation professionals.

Course Competencies

Participants will be able to describe in basic terms:

  • the uses and benefits of evaluation (1)
  • common settings in which evaluation takes place (1)
  • where evaluations and performance monitoring fit in the program cycle (1)
  • underlying theories related to evaluation, and their implications (1)
  • the historical and technical context in which evaluation takes place (1)
  • the range of terminology used in evaluation (1)
  • causes of, and responses to, resistance (4)
  • potential misuses of evaluation (4)
  • cultural considerations in conducting evaluations (4)
  • ethical considerations with respect to evaluation (6)
  • evaluation standards (6)
  • evaluation as a profession (9)
  • the role of CES, including the CE system (9)
  • special applications of evaluation (15)
  • the relevance of, and processes associated with:
  • identifying evaluation objectives (2)
  • identifying and engaging evaluation clients and stakeholders, and establishing roles (2)
  • develop a program profile (3)
  • creating evaluation questions (5) and indicators (7)
  • common data collection methods (8, 10)
  • creating an appropriate and valid evaluation design, including the selection of data collection methods (11)
  • collecting data, including performance monitoring (12)
  • data management (12)
  • assessing data quality (12)
  • data analysis, including cost effectiveness analysis (12)
  • determining evaluation scale and budget (13)
  • project management (13)
  • synthesis of evidence leading to the development of conclusions and recommendations (14)
  • evaluation reporting and dissemination (14)Participants will also gain elementary experience in:• creating logic models (3)
  • developing indicators (7)
  • question construction (5)
  • creating an evaluation matrix (11)
  • writing findings statements (12)
  • creating a reporting plan (14)

About the Tickets

Please note that the CES New Practitioner and the CES Student tickets are available onty to CES members with those membership categories. If you are unsure about your membership category, or would like more information about how to become a CES New Practitioner or CES Student member, please contact CES Ontario.

About the Facilitator

Tina Sahay has worked in the area of Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement for more than 24 years, supporting governments at the national, provincial and municipal levels in Canada as well as the not-for-profit sector. Tina operates a consulting firm in Toronto and works on client projects in all areas of of her specialty of community and public health. She works extensively with vulnerable populations including newcomers, youth and those at-risk for mental health and substance use disorders. Tina also provides training to professionals on various aspects of program evaluation. She is an instructor for the Canadian Evaluation Society and has designed and conducted training programs for Toronto Public Health, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, MOHLTC, Hastings Prince Edward Public Health and York University.

Tina holds a Masters degree in Health Science from the University of Toronto and is a certified Quality Improvement Specialist. Tina is also a credentialed evaluator with the Canadian Evaluation Society.

Eval Cafe: Tips of the Trade @ Boxcar Social
Feb 13 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm


For the first time ever, we are actually going to have an Evaluation Cafe Toronto event at a cafe. For those of you that like beer or wine, don’t worry, after the group discussions you can choose to duck downstairs for a drink.

For this cafe, let’s each come with a least one evaluation practice tip that we can share with the group. Have you ever done a lighting round presentation? You could share that. Found something that saved time, budget, or worked better? Share that. New to evaluation, but want to learn more? Check out https://aea365.org/blog/ and pick a past useful tip from there that you’d like to share.

For this event, we will use our sponsorship from the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society to buy attendees a coffee/tea/drink instead of snacks.

Space is limited, so please only RSVP if you are sure you will attend.

See you there!