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Request for Qualifications

Essential Skills Series Instructors

[Download as PDF: Request for Quotations CES ON ESS]

The Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES-ON) CES-ON is seeking facilitators for the Essential Skills Series (ESS) course, to expand the roster of instructors who have considerable experience in program evaluation, knowledge of the most current theory and practice, and experience as a professional learning instructor.

  • Currently CES-ON offers courses that are developed by CES National Council (Essential Skills Series, Survey Methods, Logic Models), as well as courses based on members’ needs, that are developed by qualified instructors (Performance Measurement and Qualitative Methods in Program Evaluation).
  • The Essential Skills Series (ESS) consists of fifteen foundational modules, taught over four days. The curriculum and content of ESS is developed by CES National Council. An overview of the Series content appears below. ESS is typically offered as a single continuous block of 4 days.
  • Currently, sessions are held approximately 4 times a year.
  • Organizations of both the private and public sectors can request an ESS for their staff. These sessions occur in addition to those that are regularly scheduled.

Submission Requirements

We would like to invite you to submit your qualifications for facilitating one or more of the session topics. In your submission, which should be a maximum of ten (10) pages, we request that you provide us with the following information:

  • A personal statement telling us about yourself and your approach to facilitating a professional learning environment
  • A résumé (including qualifications in the field of program evaluation)
  • Highlights of projects completed in the past 5 years that serve to demonstrate your understanding and application of a variety of program evaluation concepts, approaches and methodologies
  • Highlights of training and facilitation related activities in the past 5 years that serve to demonstrate your competencies as a professional learning instructor
  • Four names of references for organizations: 2 that contracted or engaged you to undertake training, facilitation; and 2 for which you conducted evaluation projects and/or activities within the past three years
  • Your daily fee as a professional learning instructor, excluding taxes, but inclusive of all other costs. Travel and accommodation for training 100 km outside your area of residence will be covered by CES-ON.

Please submit your cover letter and the ten (10) page submission electronically to the CES-ON Professional Development Committee at: pd@evaluationontario.ca. Applications are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis. Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview, including a demonstration of teaching skills.

Please note: successful candidates may be required to attend the ESS modules they expect to teach as a form of “job shadowing” with experienced instructors

Selection Criteria

Proposals must achieve at least 80% to be placed on the roster.





Experience with program evaluation The equivalent of at least seven years fulltime experience in program evaluation in non-profit and/or government sectors. Must have played a lead role in designing and conducting a wide range of evaluations. Experience across several areas within non-profit and/or government sectors is preferred in order to be able to draw on examples for an audience representing a wide range of organizations.


Instructional experience Experience and qualifications in professional learning instruction. Experience with instruction in the subject areas of program evaluation and research methods is preferred.


Instructional approach Detailed description of approach to leading the module(s). (Note: Each module has a standard PPT presentation and handouts with accompanying materials and exercises.)


Knowledge of research methods and PE theory Postgraduate degree or certificate with applied social research methods content. Possessing CE designation and/or further training, and attendance at CES courses and conferences are assets.


Communication skills The writing skills and language proficiency will be rated.  Submissions must be in English.


Knowledge of CES Understanding of CES purpose and activity. History of membership and volunteer activity is an asset.



About the ESS Modules

The ESS modules are designed by the Canadian Evaluation Society to introduce and enhance program evaluation skills and promote the professional practice of evaluation across Canada. Participant workbooks are provided for each module, as well as other materials. Refreshments and lunch is included is included in the registration fee. The ESS is targeted for:

  • Individuals looking for an introduction to the main concepts in program evaluation
  • Individuals new to evaluating programs and projects both as staff or consultants
  • Program & Project Managers – responsible for designing and implementing programs, monitoring performance & assessing results

The modules use an interactive, participatory approach involving group exercises, case studies and discussion opportunities of relevance to especially the government and non-profit sectors.

Module 1: Foundations of Evaluation

Module 2: Evaluation Objectives and Roles

Module 3: Describing the Program

Module 4: EIP: Real World Challenges

Module 5: Evaluation Questions

Module 6: EIP Standards and Ethics

Module 7: Evaluation Indicators

Module 8: Common Research Methods: Part 1

Module 9: EIP Evaluation as a Profession

Module 10: Common Research Methods: Part 2

Module 11: Research Design

Module 12: Data Collection, Management and Analysis

Module 13: EIP: Project Management

Module 14: Synthesizing Evidence and Communicating Evaluation Findings

Module 15: EIP: Models and Special Topics in Evaluation



External Opportunities

Keep up to date on job opportunities by following the Canadian Evaluation Society National website: Employment, Contract, and Collaboration Opportunities. Please note that this page is only accessible to CES Members and requires a login.

If you have a job opportunity you would like to post, please follow this link: CES Posting Guidelines.