2018 Bursary Application

The Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society is pleased to announce we will be awarding one (1) conference registration fee* bursary to help a member in good standing attend the National Conference this June in Calgary and Yellowknife (http://c2018.evaluationcanada.ca/). This bursary will be awarded via an application process, and all applications will be reviewed by members of the Ontario Chapter’s Board of Directors.

All applications will be kept strictly confidential, and reviewed only by Board members on the review committee.

Who may apply for the bursary?
A member in good standing who:
– Has not previously attended a National Conference; and
– Is limited by financial situation (e.g., student, new practitioner, employed by not-for-profit).

How do you apply?
Simply craft a one-page (maximum) document outlining:
– The reason(s) for your interest in attending the National conference;
– The situation that limits your financial ability to attend the conference; and
– What you hope to gain by attending the National Conference.

Please send your application to admin@evaluationontario.ca

When is the deadline for applications?
Please apply by Friday March 30, 2018.

When will the successful applicant be announced?
We will announce the winner via e-blast on April 16, 2018

What is expected of the successful applicant?
The successful applicant will need to:

  • Provide a receipt from CES National for the conference registration; and
  • Submit (post conference) a short summary (half-page) on how attendance at the conference was beneficial to them. This summary may be shared on the CES-Ontario web site and the CES-Ontario Newsletter.

* This bursary is designated for the conference registration fee only. No travel expenses or other fees/costs will be covered.