The Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) has almost 2,000 members. CES Ontario is one of the largest chapters in Canada with almost 400 members. The information below was collected in 2012.

Member Profile

Member location

Our members are concentrated in the metropolitan areas of Toronto, Hamilton and London with smaller communities across the province. 80% percent of our members come from the Greater Toronto Area and Southwest Ontario combined.

Member Educational Background

Members come from a variety of educational backgrounds, with greatest numbers in psychology, sociology and health sciences.

Primary Professional Role

After evaluation in any capacity, the next most common answer was researcher followed by faculty/instructor.

Type of Evaluation Work

After conducting evaluations in any way, the next most common areas are capacity-building, technical assistance and training others.

Typical Role

Manager/Coordinator (doing the actual work) is the most prevalent in the general membership, followed by specialist/consultant, solo employee or practitioner and supervisor.

Type of Evaluations Conducted

Members are most likely to be conducting program evaluations, followed by performance evaluation, policy evaluation and research evaluation.


Five dominant sectors: healthcare/public health, not-for-profit, public administration, education and community/social services.


General membership is generally employed by private firms, municipal or provincial agencies and schools. Among Others, common responses include public health units, charities/NFPs and NGOs.