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Please note this is not an exhaustive list of evaluation consultants in Ontario. This listing also does not imply endorsement of the evaluator or evaluation firm by CES-ON.

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Location : New York City/New York; Toronto/ON
Business Description:

8RES is a minority-owned women’s business and boutique consulting firm based in New York City and Toronto. We have over 20 years of Research, Evaluation, and Strategy experience working with organizations across the country on issues related to education, health and well-being, social equity, and broader policies that influence complex social, cultural, and economic systems.

We have supported evaluation in multiple sectors and roles; working internally and externally to lead the strategic design, implementation, and evaluation of large and small systems and programs. Although we are experts in evaluation approaches, instrument development, and ongoing monitoring, we recognize that organizations and the people they work with are experts of their lives, work, and contexts. We therefore approach every project in collaborative ways that enhance the utilization of the findings with the input of clients and their stakeholders to generate greater learning, improvement, and long-term sustainability.

Phone: 973-960-2704
ACE Community Health
Location : Windsor, ON
Business Description:

ACE Community Health is a community engagement practice located at the University of Windsor in Ontario Canada. We partner with stakeholders from all sectors to develop, implement, and evaluate wellness programs, and produce wellness products that empower people in communities to live healthy and well.

We specialize in promoting and evaluating health and wellness.

Phone: 1-800-958-9223
Arising Collective
Location : Peterborough and Haliburton, ON
Business Description:

Arising Collective provides strategic consulting services that support and elevate purpose-driven organizations. Using thoughtful and collaborative processes, Arising works with clients across sectors to identify opportunities and navigate challenges, understand and demonstrate their impact, while charting new paths that invigorate organizations.

With expertise in strategic planning, evaluation, research, and communications, Arising works collaboratively with clients to achieve their desired results. Collectively, our team has successfully delivered strategic consulting services to local, regional, provincial and national organizations and associations.

Phone: (705) 761-4078
Cathexis Consulting Inc.
Location : Toronto, ON
Business Description:

Cathexis is a full-service, independent evaluation firm with a reputation for high quality work and excellent client service. We provide expert, utilization-focused evaluations that help organizations change for the better. Since incorporating in 2001, we have completed over 300 projects.

Our skilled team of credentialed evaluators and multidisciplinary professionals is passionate about what we do, and we know evaluation from beginning to end. Whatever stage your program or initiative is at, we can help — whether you’re still designing it, beginning to implement it, or looking at the outcomes of a well-established program.

We’ll work with you to:

Learn what’s working and what’s not
Engage your stakeholders
Identify opportunities for improvement
Communicate your impact
Build capacity to do good evaluation
Drive change

We have expertise in:

health (healthcare, health systems, public health, population health, mental health & addictions)
knowledge translation/mobilization
social services

We have experience working with:

all levels of government
large and small non-government organizations
regulatory bodies
community-based organizations

Phone: 1 (877) 469-9954
Christine Frank and Associates
Location : Barrie, ON
Business Description:

Christine Frank and Associates (CFA) has conducted program evaluations since 2000 for organizations across several sectors including education, health, immigration/settlement,international development, and social services. The CFA team is expert at engaging stakeholders and producing accessible, actionable results. Principal Christine Frank, PhD, CE, is a member of the Canadian Evaluation Society Credentialing Board and was one of the first credentialed evaluators (CE) in Canada.

Evaluation capacity building forms a large part of CFA’s activity. CFA excels in service to organizations wishing to increase their evaluation knowledge and skills. Associates bring a broad range of training and education experience to organizational learning.

In addition to conducting mixed method evaluations and building capacity, CFA undertakes challenging qualitative analyses for other researchers and evaluators. Dr. Frank is a recognized instructor of NVivo software and has trained many researchers in data analysis. She facilitates the annual Qualitative Methods in Program Evaluation workshops for the CES Ontario Chapter.

Phone: 705.835.3921
Creative Development Unlimted
Location : Toronto ON
Business Description:

Phil brings more than 20 years experience as a researcher and is a Credentialed Evaluator (CE) with the Canadian Evaluation Society. He brings his skills in literature review, qualitative and quantitative methods, and an orientation to keeping it useful.

Facilitation and Group Process: We can help you to get the most of a meeting or longer group process. Phil has consulted with dozens of NGOs and facilitated hundreds of meetings ranging from small focus groups to national conferences -- with outcomes ranging from brainstorming solutions to organization amalgamation.

Training and Adult Education: If your staff or clients need training on evaluation, injury prevention or soft skills, call us. Phil has taught numerous courses at the graduate and undergraduate level, and is accredited as a master facilitator of both the Canadian Injury Prevention Curriculum and Canadian Falls Prevention Curriculum.

Phil Groff is Creative Development Unlimited: Phil Groff founded Creative Development Unlimited in 2014, preserving the name that his father, Don Groff, had used for his consulting practice from the late 1970s until his death in 2001.

Contact Phil for a consultation about how he can help you with the challenges facing your NGO or small business.

Phone: (647) 588-2336
Cunning Consulting
Location : Coburg, ON
Business Description:

Cunning Consulting has over 30 years of combined experience across all aspects of the health and human services system (i.e., clinical, operational, evaluative, strategic, and policy) allowing us to bring the conceptual, technical, and experiential expertise to this initiative. Our work ranges from local to international levels and has, at its core, the aim of integrating data into all levels of health and human services. Our team specializes in program development, policy, evaluation, quality improvement, knowledge translation, and community-based research. Decades of research and evaluation experience, experience with accreditation, policy, and guidelines, work in frontline agencies, and vulnerable populations mean that Cunning Consulting is ideally suited for this project. We are a small team with deep expertise and excellent resources – including access to governance, management, data, and clinical specialists. Specialties of the Cunning Consulting team include:

• Strategic and operational planning
• Policy assessment and development
• Project management
• Literature search and synthesis
• Capacity and needs assessments
• Program design and development
• Process and outcome evaluation
• Data collection and analysis
• Practical and actionable reporting
• Knowledge translation
• Grant writing
• Coaching to build internal capacity


Phone: 416-669-5945
DPRA Canada Inc.
Location : Toronto and Ottawa (Victoria and Yellowknife outside of Ontario)
Business Description:

We are a specialized team of professionals with expertise focused on program and policy development, reviews, and evaluation, applied health and social research, organizational effectiveness, socio-economic research and assessment, and environment and resource management. Indigenous and public consultation and engagement informs much of our work. DPRA Canada has a long history of designing and facilitating processes involving Indigenous people, government, industry, and the public, to reach effective and useful solutions.

Phone: (416) 945-9911
Business Description:

Future In Motion Consulting is a solution-generator, catapulting profit and non-profit organizations towards increased performance, effectiveness and efficiency.   We do this by:
1.  Building engagement, clarity and knowledge,
2.  Honing talents, passions and resources, and
3.  Scaling teachings, innovations and processes

Phone: 416-558-4411
Good Roots Consulting
Location : Guelph
Business Description:

Good Roots Consulting is a strategy and evaluation firm dedicated to supporting non-profits, governments and other social purpose organizations to strengthen their impact with minimal organizational resources.

We understand the challenges of making time for effective strategic planning and evaluation with all the other demands being made of your organization. We also know that these activities can be disruptive and intimidating for staff, volunteers and participants. Ultimately, it is these constraints and sensitivities that inform our process and make us the right partner to achieve your goals.

Phone: 226-979-3274
Gregory Kim Consulting
Location : Toronto, ON
Business Description:

Gregory Kim Consulting provides program evaluation services to clients in the not-for-profit sector. Gregory Kim Consulting takes a capacity-building approach to help demystify evaluation and help clients use ‘evaluative thinking’ as a tool for improvement. Prior to starting his consulting company, Gregory worked at the University of Toronto, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and various community based agencies for the last 20 years. 

Among his demonstrated skills are:
  * Preparing stakeholders for an evaluation
  * Facilitating evaluation training and workshops
  * Conducting developmental, formative and summative evaluations
  * Developing performance monitoring and assessment systems
  * Conducting literature reviews
  * Designing needs assessments
  * Performing knowledge translation and exchange activities
  * Program planning

He has provided consulting services to the following sectors
  * Mental Health
  * Addictions
  * Housing
  * Community centres
  * Public Health
  * Youth Organizations
  * Settlement Organizations
  * HIV/AIDS organizations

Phone: 647.896.4463
Harry Cummings and Associates
Location : Guelph, ON
Business Description:

Since 1997, HCA has conducted over 150 strategic plans, program evaluations, and research studies across Canada and internationally. HCA has experience working with a variety of clients including all levels of government, community organizations, non-profit agencies, and the private sector.

HCA offers professional development workshops and training on Results Based Management and Evaluation, Performance Indicators, Survey Design, Participatory Evaluation, and Outcome Mapping. We also design and facilitate customized workshops and curriculum. The Mission of HCA is to provide the best services combined with the best research and advice in planning and evaluation to clients.

HCA fulfills the mission by:

- Maximizing client ownership of the research process and results;
- Recognizing the perspectives of all groups involved in the research and planning process;
- Using the most appropriate/effective combination of methods;
- Maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards.

HCA specializes in:

- Monitoring and Evaluation
- Strategic Planning
- Economic Impact Assessment
- Professional Development and Training

Phone: 519-823-1647
John R. Allen Management Consulting
Location : Toronto, ON
Business Description:

John Allen has worked in the area of Program Evaluation, Performance Measurement and Strategic Planning for more than 35 years, serving on governments at the national, provincial / state and municipal levels in Canada and the United States as well as the not-for-profit sector. Before becoming a consultant John was an Ontario public servant with the Treasury Board Secretariat and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. While with Treasury Board, John implemented Ontario’s first formal performance measurement and evaluation process, Managing By Results. That system remains the conceptual framework of Ontario’s results based management initiatives to this day.

John works on client projects on his own and in partnership with Power Analysis Inc. of London, Ontario. As well as undertaking project assignments in all his areas of speciality, John also provides training on those subjects. He is a vendor of record with the provinces of Ontario, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, British Columbia, the Federal government and Nunavut Territory. He is an instructor for the Canadian Evaluation Society, the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario and the Ontario Municipal Social Services Association.

John is an instructor in public sector management topics with the Schulich School of Business at York University. At Schulich, he is the Director of the Centre of Excellence in Public Sector Management and the Director of the Centre of Excellence in Municipal Leadership. John is also a visiting instructor at the University of Alberta’s School of Business and the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University.

Phone: 416-769-2272
McGuire Associate Consultants
Location : Based in Mississauga with ability to travel
Business Description:

Evaluation and change management services are provided by a credentialed evaluator and her colleagues, using a highly participatory approach.  Our goal is to ensure that evaluations are useful.  This means providing you with credible information that can support changes for improvement.

Martha McGuire has worked across a number of sectors and is known for her ability with multi-disciplinary and complex projects. She combines this with experience with organizational and program development, including strategic and operational planning. She has worked with a variety of populations including the homeless, First Nations and other Aboriginal communities, children, older adults and people with disabilities. As well, she has worked in a number of disciplines including health, social services, employment, economic development and green energy. This combination has supported the successes she has achieved in facilitating positive change in programs, organizations and systems. She has worked with private sector, government and voluntary sector organizations. 

Phone: 647-201-9680
Ready To Think
Location : Vaughan, ON
Business Description:

We serve family foundations in strategic planning and program evaluation, and in development of a strong understanding of their giving, impact of giving, and outcomes of programs funded. We are also focused on program evaluation for charities, nonprofits organizations and government agencies, helping to define, understand and measure programs outputs, outcomes, and impact.
Our work builds capacity within the organization, stresses the usefulness of data, and facilitates a strong understanding of goals, objectives, impact, and outcomes. We specialize in: social services, education, policing, and employee surveys
Among our services:
(1) strategic planning and program evaluation
(2) outcome definition, measurement, and evaluation
(3) benchmark, KPIs, KSFs, and indicator design
(4) methodology and research design
(5) training evaluation and customer satisfaction
(6) OTF evaluation component

Phone: 416-999-6755
Research and Evaluation Consulting
Location : Mississauga ON
Business Description:

Research and Evaluation Consulting (RaECon) was established to meet the growing and diverse needs of organizations for high-quality research and evaluation services. The scope of our work ranges from Program Development and Evaluation to Organization Development and Applied Educational Research.

Much of our work in the public sector is in Program Evaluation, and much of our work in the corporate and non-profit sectors is in Organization Development, including credentialing/testing program development and evaluation. We work with a wide range of clientele from Provincial Government Ministries to Institutes of Higher Learning to National and Provincial Professional Credentialing Organizations.

Projects are managed and led by the Principal Consultant, Dr. A. Sidiq (Sid) Ali, and are resourced by the Principal and a team of highly qualified associate consultants. Dr. Ali is a CES Credentialed Evaluator with psychometric training and uses these skill sets to bring about uncompromised levels of client satisfaction.

Phone: 905-916-0743 (office) | 647-618-0764 (Dr. Ali Direct)
Social Impact Squared
Business Description:

I'm Paul Bakker.  I'm the operator and principal consultant of Social Impact Squared.

My career goal has always been to improve people's lives.  Social Impact Squared is my way to best achieve that goal.  If you are providing goods or services to improve people's lives, I want to partner with you.  You will bring your expertise and the day-to-day challenges of working with your clients to the partnership.  My associates and I will bring our expertise in using social research methods to help you understand, measure, communicate, and improve your social impact.  Our combined efforts will result in social improvements that go beyond the sum of our individual efforts.

I am a highly critical and creative researcher with extensive experience producing actionable results. I will use my expertise to push for methodological rigor, while balancing that rigor with flexibility, practicality, ethics, and innovation.  The end result will provide the confidence you and your stakeholders need to invest in and improve your work.  I also help organizations grow their own abilities to evaluate and improve their work.  There is increasing demand for organizations to prove their impact, but measuring social impact can be complex, time consuming, costly, and competes with other stakeholder demands.  I will work with your organization to understand where you are at in terms of your evaluation capacity, how to take you to the next level, and can provide you with a long-term vision for your evaluation efforts.

Phone: 647.938.4806
Strategy and Insights
Business Description:

Business Description: At Strategy and Insights, we carry out program evaluations that enable our clients to demonstrate the Return on Invest (ROI) of their program, evaluate whether to modify, expand or continue the program, and to communicate with the public and political decision-makers about the outcomes of their evaluations. Our program evaluation team works closely with program staff to design and implement an evaluation design.  We design logic models and evaluation frameworks that chart the activities, outputs, short-term and long-term outcomes of a program, strategy or intervention program; and align these with the most appropriate quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Our quantitative toolbox includes:

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI), web-based and paper surveys focusing on client, stakeholder, patient and employee experience, satisfaction and engagement
Moment of Truth surveys;
Development of Key Performance Indicators;
Benchmark Analysis;
Analysis of Program Data; and
Financial and Cost/Benefit Analysis.

Our qualitative methodologies include:

Focus Groups;
Town Halls;
In-depth, In-person or Telephone Interviews;
Social Media Research;
File Reviews;
Program Document Reviews; and
Case studies.

Our Program Evaluation team has greater than 23 years of experience conducting program evaluations for federal, provincial and municipal public-sector organizations and associations in health care, community and home care, public health, mental health, social services, training, education, energy, and non-for-profit/charity sectors.  At Strategy and Insights, it has always been our goal to provide our clients with the clarity of insight that provides their business with the confidence of foresight to make the best possible business decisions. Our Program Evaluation team works flexibly with clients, providing them with tailored designs to suit their needs, conducting all elements of an evaluation, and carrying it out from 'end to end.'

Phone: 416.302.3099
The Change Maker’s Workshop
Location : Belleville, Ontario
Business Description:

The Change Maker’s Workshop is a boutique consultancy that works alongside nonprofit and governmental health and human service organizations to develop, implement, sustain and evaluate programs and policies that enable people to increase control over their living conditions and their health. Under the leadership of Credentialed Evaluator and Health Promotion Specialist, Tanya Hill, the Change Maker’s Workshop provides services in the areas of program planning and innovation, evaluation and capacity development.

Planning & Innovation

We bring people and ideas together to share perspectives, generate solutions, and transform them into sustainable programs and collaborative initiatives that make change happen.


Through participatory approaches and qualitative and quantitative research methods we will gather and synthesize the evidence needed to inform planning and policy decisions, assess program efficiency and evaluate impact.

Capacity building   

We build the human capacity of organizations to undertake effective evidenced-based population health program and policy planning and evaluation, through workshop and training program development and facilitation.

Phone: 613-919-6871
The Sutcliffe Group Inc.
Location : Toronto, ON
Business Description:

The Sutcliffe Group Incorporated is a full service social research consulting firm formed over three decades ago. Working exclusively in the sport, recreation and physical activity sectors, The Sutcliffe Group specializes in helping organizations improve the delivery of sport, recreation and physical activity.
Completed projects have included program evaluations, governance reviews, strategic plans, needs analysis, consultation and strategy development, facilitation, policy research and development interviews.

Recent clients include: Own the Podium, Federal-Provincial/Territorial Sport Committee, SIRC, City of Guelph, Government of Ontario, Government of Nunavut, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Halifax 2011 Canada Games, Public Health Agency of Canada, Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance, Sport Matters Group, Government of Northwest Territories, Sport Canada, Canadian Paralympic Committee, Athletics Canada, Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, Canadian Blind Sports Association, Rugby Ontario, Golf Association of Ontario, University of Toronto, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, and Ophea.
Evaluation projects have been completed mainly for governments. The focus is on developing recommendations that can be used to improve program delivery.

Phone: 416-487-1375
Toggle Consulting Inc.
Location : Toronto, ON
Business Description:

Toggle Consulting is a business consulting firm that leverages strategic insight, business analysis, and project management to help clients transform their organizations for competitive advantage.  Our philosophy of VISION + ACTION means that not only do we have the ability to create great ideas, we can follow through with execution.  We also develop and market presentation templates to help clients communicate effectively.

Phone: 289-799-8969
Location : Toronto, ON
Business Description:

Urbana Solutions + is a new and upcoming consulting group with the goal of addressing your research, evaluation and communication needs. With over ten years of experience in health and social issues, we would like to work with you to make your research and evaluation useful and actionable.

In addition to traditional methods, we are constantly evolving to bring you methods that are innovative and practical for your needs. At Urbana Solutions + we are trained and experienced in methods that are new and upcoming in the world of social and medical sciences. These include but are not limited to realist evaluation, meta-narrative reviews and concept mapping. We also address your dissemination needs by developing a communication plan for your target population or group. Every project is unique, and we will work with you to tell your story and make an impact.


Phone: 647.871.4525
workHORSE Consulting Group
Location : London and Chatham, ON
Business Description:

WorkHORSE Consulting Group conducts Health Outcomes Research and Service Evaluations, in the academic and public health sectors. We are a 4-member partnership with expertise in epidemiology, biostatistics and health sciences research. We provide consulting and project management services related to:

Systematic evidence reviews (document and literature reviews)
Policy development
Program evaluation
Health economics
Knowledge translation
Statistical analyses
Quantitative and qualitative study design (focus groups, interviews and surveys)
Writing support

Specific areas of research experience and interest include stroke, acquired brain injury, neuro-rehabilitation, health promotion, public health, nutrition and mental health. Our clients include the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Central East Stroke Network, South West Stroke Network, North Simcoe Muskoka LHIN and the South West LHIN.

Phone: 226-627-0230